About Jess

Hi everyone! First of all thank you for visiting my newest blog ‘Side Secret’ ^^

In this page you might find it too long but i will tell all of you about me, so bare with it because you’re already find this.

My full name is a combination of 3 names ‘Jessika Natalia Tamara’ and some people will find it weird and give me some random nick name but i like it so much if you just called me Jess ^^

Living in Indonesia.. my dream and things that i want to do can’t be do in this country tho. Yap! all of the crazy things that i really really really wanted to do might be look weird or too crazy or something bad in this country.

Well.. to make it complete crazy, i’m decide to quit university and now being a full-timer of being a daddy little girl. OH PEEPS, i don’t like the usual type of responses like ‘why?’ and then start to lecture me like if i care. Oops! to clarify for all of you that was curious my answer is.. i just like to do that Hahahaa ^^

I’m a coffee person but i’m very interested with tea. Obsessed in Greek Mythology. Attracted with Teen Fiction novel and Fantasy movies. Enjoying travelling by myself but i would not mind if anyone want to join me.

One of my favorite person and also my role model who live in LA said this “Life can’t be put in a box and I don’t want to be either. Life is random and fun and real and beautiful and sometimes sad but often happy.” This one simple sentence really give an impact to my life, and i hope for all of you who read this too.



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