Ayana Resort Bali – Last Chapter

This is the last chapter for Trip to Bali. YAY! finally these draft been published Hahahaa. I try my best to capture everything here with limited time, because unfortunately i’m not staying a night here (it was my aunt and my cousins hehehe XD). So here i go! 


The most famous spot here is their Rock Bar. That’s why i walk a lot here because the room with the RB is quiet far tho. But they got so plenty spot for take picture or even sit for a while and grab a drinks. 

They also got a gondola-look-like-but-with-track or i will just called it moving box LOL. With that moving box, Karma Kandara and Ayana looks quiet the same a lil bit, maybe they share the idea together (?) nahhh. 

Still got some time to take picture’s tho Hahahaa and i really like it ❤ On the left pic, it was like a cave and we need to pass it to make it to the RB. 


Finally! This is Rock Bar by Ayana. The place is really big, so even there’s so many people who will come here, there will be no line (i think, because i don’t see any line anywhere around this place) 

I don’t know why but i don’t really want to write too long for this, i mean.. just come here and try their food yourself and see the beautiful places by yourself. That will be means a lot rather than just read and see the picture. anw, my picture getting better, right? HAHAHAHA i’m so proud of my self LMAO. 


When it’s already time for sunset, Forgive and Forget is sometime necessary.

Thank you my dearest reader for reading this trip ❤ I’m working on my another project and soon will update a new post. Please kindly like this post, and don’t forget to Follow me on WordPress and also my another social media ^^ 

With love, XOXO


La femme captivante


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