Karma Kandara Resort Bali – Experience Karma


This posting is 4 month late, and the reason is i kept thinking about ‘i need new material’ ‘i need to go out and take pic of my food so i can review it’ ‘i need to buy a new cosmetics, i need more of it’ AND BAM! actually i have tons of material that i can keep babling about in my blog but i just keep giving my self excuses and here i am, start from the first thing that i delayed to write. Oh okay, here i go!

Karma Kandara is one of my ‘must go place’ when i go to Bali. It’s not because i’m a member, but also the scenery here is really wonderful and they keep it private. For this time, i decided to stay one night just because i really curious how it feels to spend a lot of money for one night ,lol.

I like the concept of this resort, it’s like enter a labyrinth and try to find the right way to my villa. It’s super fun! my villa number is six hundred something *can’t remember* and from my villa to the beach is quiet a journey. On my way to the beach, i encounter a pack of monkey (5 or 6 of them) and in a second.. just a second.. all of them look at me and that’s the first time i turn into a stone. I have bad memories with monkeys when i was a child, they snap my precious peanut and drink my cola also they scratch my new dolphin tattoo *cry* . But., thanks God! there’s a family not far from my place and they give banana to the monkeys so all of them is running from my sight. SAFE!


The pic above is the road where all the big villas are and ofc with the higher price. But before i reveal the private beach , i will show you the most expensive villa that they have!



I have a lot of more picture about this villa, but this post gonna have too much picture, and will look like a promotion while they’re not pay me to write this. So just FYI, they also have another pool, a theater, a lot of rooms (maybe 6? or more?). And here we go , to the beach!


If you not stayed here for the night (just come for the private beach) you need to pay IDR 250k /person (exclude food & beverage). But! if you a member, it’s free entry anytime Hahaha 🙂 Just to make you know how much for food and drinks here, i try sandwich and mojito. In the end i pay more or less IDR 300k. I think it’s not that expensive, because it does taste really good! and anw, holiday means spend all your money , so spend your money in a cool way (i don’t know what i mean either).

I got really tanned after playing 3-5 hours in the beach.

This decoration is for wedding fair, i just got lucky the timing is perfect ^^
They also have an aisle for wedding on the main pool.

After i knew there was an aisle.. i stare at it from afar hoping i will get married soon HAHAHAHA XD but i do hope so. Probably gonna start from searching the ‘right one’ 🙂

I promise i will posting how my room look like, but later.. after i post my AYANA Resort experience.  I hope all of you enjoy this post, thanks for reading. Don’t forget to like, share and follow me to get a notification for the new post (soon) ❤

With love,


La femme captivante



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