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Korean Flawless looking secret?

Hey Yaaaa! most of you might be already know that the most of Korean people is good-looking (with MakeUp / Plastic Surgery). But not everybody do the plastic surgery to make theirself attractive, just like some of the Korean actresses/singers is born with such beautiful face and body. I think a lot of Korean people is rely on makeup a lot (like, A LOT), in some case.. there is one eonni (sister) that i know recently, she doesn’t want to go out without doing her makeup.

When it’s talk about makeup, girls ‘faminine one, ofc’ will get crazy and want to buy everything that we see! and in my case, because my skin is so sensitive i can’t use a product that will do any harm on the skin. That’s why i will recommend this product, because it’s really good and i loved the brand since 3 years ago.


The Odbo !! The Premium CC Cushion, love it! But honestly the first time i used this, it’s feels ‘cakey’ but ! because it’s a CC cream, you can apply your own powder. I’m too lazy tho, so i’m not apply my powder or anything else.. the 3rd time using this, you will get used to it (means the cakey feels slowly gone, lol). 

The packaging is also nice.. full of gold. Really hope it’s a real gold Hahahaha ^^ The price of this CC cushion is quiet expensive, NOT! it’s so EXPENSIVE. IDR 670k Or $52. It’s also SPF 50+, PA+++ & Have a super nice fragrance


The secret for flawless looking? Korean used so many product like toneup cream, face mist, base cream, etc. But the most important is you need to know your skin first. So now you need to first find out your skin type and i will discuss it on my next beauty post! Go check out The Odbo products ❤ i used their toner, emulsion something, eye cream, bb liquid, and some cream that i don’t remember what is it (emulsion and this cream already used it all, that’s why can’t remember). What i want to say is their product is all expensive, but it’s worth the money. All of them is soooo amazing and the fragrance help for relaxing ^^

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