Hair Coloring Shampoo -Foreign Vs. Local-

Hi everyone! i wanted to share my experience using local product and how much different with the imported one. Honestly, i’m a moody person so i often feels bored and it affected my hair cut and my hair color. So in 6 month i already colored my hair 5 times (orange, blonde, silver, pink, light brown) and 2 of the color is lasting for 12-16 hours and i change it again. But with all of this hair coloring things and blow dry then using hair straightened, how can my hair still healthy and no branches?

The secret is hair treatment! but not every hair treatment is really good for your hair. I mean you need to know what type of hair do you have (oily, dry,etc) and after the coloring how your hair looks like, the texture..or maybe is it dry? smooth? damaged? or it becomes branched so much?

I will recommend you to using hair color lock shampoo after you coloring your hair, this shampoo is often used at salon after you coloring ofc (but not every salon tho, i’m just happen to know a lot of hair product lol). For me, because i lived in Indonesia i used ‘NR Kur Hair Color Lock’ and i’m really happy with the result ^^ 

Skip that! Here the things what make me write this post.

Left : L’Oreal  Expert for colored hair (imported! foreign product) 250 ml , 13 bucks or IDR 135k AT LEAST WORTH IT.

Right : L’Oreal Color Protect (local product) i forgot how much ml but it absolutely 2 or 3 times much more than the left one. 2 bucks (find it anywhere,CAN. Indomart, Alfamart HAVE.)

Before i try L’Oreal , i used ‘Makarizo MK3’ it’s a local product but it was really amazing! my hair is really smooth and easy to manage. Sadly, it’s really hard to find the product, can’t find it anywhere while my shampoo is an urgent condition aka almost finished. So i urgently bought the L’Oreal (local). MY HAIR TURNS TO DRYYY -_____- So i throw it away and decide never used it anymore.  Then i found L’Oreal (import), the auntie keep persuading me to try because she said it was a good product. With my weak heart.. i buy.

Surprisingly the product is actually nice meh (using Singaporean dialect). But to be honest the makarizo one, is still the best. When i compare the price is actually almost the same ‘makarizo and loreal import’. So that’s all for this post, i want to share more about my hair coloring treatment but i think i will share it later laa~ (using dialect again). Thank you for reading and don’t forget to like, comment and follow my blog ^^ See you on my next post #insertheart.



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