Trip to Bali Day 6,7&8

Sorry for the super late post. Somehow i lost my motivation to write and get really i hangout with my friends so often. But now the motivation come back to me and makes me too excited to write again. A good motivation will make this post really positive and i will forget the bad things for all of our sake. I don’t want to remember the things that will make me down and all of you too. So here we go!

Rest day means free day! on the morning, trying to get more picture of my self and this is my morning pictures ^^


I’m trying to still maintain my weight, but it’s hard to do when there’s so much good food around me here in Bali! I spend my free time with watching Korean drama ‘Goblin’ until night. But i order room service for brunch that’s B.L.T. Sandwich (Bacon Lettuce Tomato) But i forgot to take a picture, that’s how lazy i am on this day Hahaha. and for snacks until the night i try the desserts from yesterday. And actually also forgot to take picture of it. BUT, the cake was really delicious! i try the chocolate cake and the chocolate melt in my mouth right away! the caramel was actually taste good (i actually not really like caramel), there’s a nut and i think it was almond and the chocolate cream was FAB! that’s the best that i ever try-in-my-life. Seriously, it’s not a famous place that will make all of the people come there, but with just a chocolate cake.. i feel in love with this place right away. With the good mood to try another desserts i choose the cream puff. The cream puff is already looks so yummy in the time i choose to bought it yesterday. Within 3-5 second it goes in my mouth and i scream right away (i do really scream), IT’S SO LOVELY #insertlovelovelove. The cream is so different from the usual cream that i ever taste in the cream puff. The texture is really creamy, soft and thick but it’s not make me nauseated or too much (It’s PERFECT #noted). When you want to find the place where i find the desserts go check my last post ^^


This day is gonna be big! it’s gonna be super perfect for me ^^ So prepare yourself because it’s gonna be really really long-but-nice-post. And that means i will start with the most delicious food that i always eat when i go to Bali ^^ PORKY PORKY! IT’S PORK RIBS TIME!

The pork ribs picture was actually taken 3-4 years ago. It’s because i don’t get a beautiful shot for the pork ribs, so i use the one that i taken a years years ago Hahahaha . It always best to eat one serving just for you! it means all the crazy-mouthwatering-taste is just for you #noted. This place already change their names at least 3 times but the taste is still the same want to know the name of this place? comment down below 😉 .(hoping someone will truly write a comment for me even just once XD).

Before i go get the pork ribs, i go to the silver making somewhere near ubud. The local people say it’s really popular, so try to go there, maybe you will find something pretty! And then off to another temple #again #and #again. It’s located in Uluwatu, this place is really crowded and it’s famous because of the monkey (?) but i’m not going in, i’m sick of temple. If all of you read my travel diary since the start, you will get tired of reading ‘Temple’ also Hahaha. Going down to the city try to find souvenirs but in the middle of the way, bought so much fritters (it say ‘GORENGAN’ in Bahasa) Banana, etc. For foreigners don’t think it’s pricey. IT’S NOT! with IDR 5k you will get soooo muchhhh of fried something.

Back to the road. The destination is ‘Krisna’ it’s a place where you can bought souvenir with a cheap price but for shirts the quality and the service is really bad. Just buy the souvenirs and maybe some shorts (because you not really need someone help, they will not glad to help you here #noted). Too tired for going another place to eat, walk around 3 minutes and find a Chinese restaurant so everyone want to go and try. The price is ridiculously mad, but me… as a busy independent woman, i have my own way to eat without worry with price. When everyone already order their food, i told my mom to share one menu with me and then order 2 bowl of rice Hahahha how clever i am #oops. The food is so-so but with my sexy brain, i got passed the crisis LOL.

THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING PART OF THIS DAY (also tomorrow) and this is really nice as the closing for this day . I heading to one of Karma Group Resort in Sanur #insertbigsmile. So i will spend the night alone in a big room, and tomorrow i can enjoy myself walking at sanur.. ALONE.. without the stress. Finally this is my holiday, my trip, my healing, my most absolute gracious time Hahaha ^^


Turn on the tv, no bad news ofc (tho the earth gonna die on the day where i can be happy about my life.. just in case so i check). Then i start to take a look at my room. They give a coffee,tea,etc still the same as the one in Karma Mayura. But then i found that they already give an iron and the table, 2 umbrella, a big amount of coffee in a plastic (500gr) it’s a lot of coffee and also the brewing tool (?) or just called it coffee maker (?) i don’t know how to said it. This is all a point plus where i can get from this place because Mayura not put an iron in my room(need to call first to get the iron) and they don’t have that brewing coffee thing with a generous amount of coffee. But the Mayura got a sofa.. in here it’s just a bed so it’s really spacious for my room. And another point plus for me for Sanur is, the hairdryer is more effective rather than the one in the Mayura Hahahaha ^^

Taking a bath, organize my suitcase and check-out. I leave my suitcase with the people in the receptionist because i want to take a walk before i go to the next place. I try an app ‘Gojek’ and order ‘Gocar’ (it’s a transportation app and it’s more cheaper than taxi). I get a request to buy foods that will be needed while all the group staying at our next place. They request so many things, what they can expect from a girl who don’t have a job and just want to enjoy my youth? but! when i just bought for myself they will eat mine. So i don’t want to do suicide or die from hunger and decide to think they are my pigs, they don’t have a brain to go, they to fool to go to the world.. so i need to help my piggy LMAO.

Start From Hardys, got baguette, super soft bread from ‘sari roti’, and butter. Then go to the next supermarket and got a can of tuna. Go to the last supermarket and got bacon, sausages, and doritos XD. After the big shopping, decide to get a coffee at Starbucks. I’m turning like a foreigner here.. i walking so much (or too much for indonesian people, for today) and even drizzle can’t stop me from going around Hahahaha #ThePowerOfLoneliness.

So i got my morning coffee, got my breakfast also. It’s so perfect for me #loveit. It feels like no one can stop me from being happy for that time. The place decoration is unique, my coffee taste nice with my calm and peace mind. Maybe all of you can see the plactic bag behind my coffee (plastic on the chair) LOL. After 40 minutes, i start to shopping mode again, and find a beautiful dress that will look really nice on the beach. Wait for the next post everyone! 🙂

I really want to eat meat when i passed one of the restaurant there, but the place is really crowded, it will be weird if i’m going inside alone so i just passed the place 3 times because i really wanted to try but my brain said not to go in #CryInside Hahahaha. So after 5 minutes taking a walk, i found a really cute bakery shop. Because the place seems not crowded, ofc i go inside asap Hahaha.

I got a croissant for my aunty, i remember we really like croissant so much and then after sitting around and charge my phone, i decide to bought a B.L.T.E. Sandwich (E for eggs) for take away. After my sandwich done, i go outside and try to get another ‘Gocar’ but no one accepted the offer because in Sanur area, the blue bird taxi is like own the territory. With the thought i can’t bring all my bags without a transportation to go back to the resort. Then taxi is the only choose that i have. The price is 3 times more expensive tho #DamBl**Bi**Taxi. Also the driver said he already saw me more than 5 times for today. That means, the price of taxi is expensive because the always going around nonstop even tho they don’t have a passenger (hearing this makes me boiled but i don’t want this to ruin my day). After i go back to the resort, for the last time i take a picture of the resort and  here The Royal Resort Sanur.


Take my bag from the receptionist and order another ‘Gocar’ to the next Resort, i don’t want to use taxi, because my destination is really far away and i don’t want to pay more than IDR 400k for one way (better rent a car for a day if it that pricey). So where my next destination? The place is really beautiful and instagram-able. It’s one of the most expensive Resort&Villa in Bali. The place is really hard to booked (but not for me, because I’m a member) and it’s have the best restaurant with also the super best price on their menu Hahahaha ^^

Thank you for reading for more than 1500 words my lovely readers, and wait for my next post ! because it’s gonna be a special post ❤



La femme captivante


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