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Dior Shower Gel mini size for travel


This is the must-have item! Love it since the first time try this, the parfumé is catch my heart right away. To be honest i’m not really like to go bath since my type of skin is sensitive and most of the soap (liquid/bar) in Indonesia makes my skin really dry (because the tropical climate they make the soap ‘effectively kill all the germ easily’ so it’s really harsh to my skin). But the problem is finding this is not easy.  The first time i like this shower gel is because my aunty bring this at the time we go to Bali (kindly check my Travel Diary HERE). And most of the people sell this in a package (with perfume and body lotion), so finding just the shower gel is almost frustrate me. The price is more or less 30 pounds so it’s about IDR 480k. This one that i bought was the small size, and the bigger one is 200ml is more or less 70 pounds or IDR 1120k (correct me if i’m wrong converting the price). That’s all for this post.. thank you for reading. Please don’t forget to like this post, follow my blog, and enter your email for the newest info when i’m updating. JOIN THE EMAIL SQUAD AND HAVE A GOOD DAY ^^



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