Butter that change my day


When you read my travel post in Bali, i once mention about ‘food for healing’ in Tanah Lot. So this post is about the yummiest vege that i have on 2016.

Chicken Cordon Blue


The restaurant name is ‘Natys’ , they have branches at Seminyak, Nusa dua and Kuta. But this is the first time i try one of their restaurant and it’s goes to the one in Tanah Lot. when I’m looking at the menu, i’m surprised because the price is similar or i can said it’s not as expensive as usual restaurant in Surabaya. So, it’s not as pricey like the other restaurant in Bali. In Bali and Lombok area, the price of the food usually more expensive rather than in Surabaya, that’s why i’m having a good impression on this place ^^

The chicken is like the usually chicken cordon bleu but for this one, the chicken is not really moist (it’s almost dry -_-). But the time that i try the vege, THAT’S THE TRUE MEALS EVER (i think i’m gonna change from the-crazy-freak-meat-lovers to vegetarians when i recall that time Hahaha). The potato wedges is taste like a potato.. what can you expect from potato? that’s a potato, they fry it and boom! potato. Because of their vege, i think i will make sure to come back maybe just order a bowl of vege LOL.

The price for chicken cordon blue is 4-5 bucks (IDR 48k / 5 SGD) and the rest of the menu like tenderloin is 8-9 bucks and sirloin 9 bucks. I think the price is reasonable, so try and go yourself! ^^

I will recommend you for their western food, because i think for the Indonesian food is not looks really nice, and you can go to another place that specialise in indonesian food (if you like to try) and of course with the more reasonable price.

That’s all for this post! for anyone who want to go there, go check this place. And is there anyone have go to Tanah Lot? leave a comment down below, i will be really happy to know what you remember about that place ^^



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