The busiest day – Trip to Bali Day 4 & 5

Early in the morning, start the day with swimming with the kids Hahaha i feel like a child when i with them tho lol. And because of swimming for an hour or two , i missed the shuttle bus that the resort had and decide to rent it for just go to the center of Ubud. So here i am at the Coco Market (one of the biggest supermarket in Bali) but i’m not go in there, i need to explore the area because a day before i seen so many cute and comfy cafe and so many clothes store. So start the healing and the explore day!

Go straight to the salon to change hair color with my aunty.. i know that you can’t bargain the price on salon but yeah, i think Singaporean really likes bargain so much but they want me the one that do ‘the bargain’. But i don’t really mind to bargain, tho i really likes discount my self Hahahaha and after we know the price and all, they start their job but i actually quiet surprise that my aunty want to pay mine also, that’s my dilemma! because i want to pay for mine, but i really afraid that i will hurt her feel or else because you know my English is really nice when i’m talking to myself but not said it out loud lol. 2 hours for changing our hair color and the salon was quiet nice tho! they gives chamomile tea that i loved! and the owner of the salon is Japanese but her Bahasa was fluent and nice ^^

Exploring start! actually everyone was going with me to the center of Ubud (except my uncle) but we separated because we had different needs Hahahaa. And actually i like to take a walk and just in to the store that i find it nice and unique but it’s a different story for my aunty, she’s like going to almost store that we passed and i feel like going to passed out (my legs feel like giving up lol). Praise to the Lord! she decide to go get massage and facial. Of course i go with her, because i don’t bring my smartphone (i often not bring my smartphone when i want to relax) but mine is need 1 hours while she’s need 2,5 hours. I’m also don’t mind waiting for her tho, i can get something to eat while waiting ^^

The place is mostly fine, it’s just i really like crowded place and loud music at that time but this place is giving a quiet atmosphere and makes me feel like to reflect what sin that i have done in a couple of days LMAO. I will suggest all of you who want to go to Ubud, go find Taco Casa! i try it once but i forgot to take picture if it! they have the best taco and burito that i ever tried!! i tried Mexican food often but i really like Taco Casa *insert love love*. After the dinner, my aunty also finished her treatment and then we go to the nearest bakery shop.

showcase full of Dessert’s

Here we decide to buy 3 desserts, a sandwich and 2 croissant. It takes 20-30 minutes for the sandwich which makes me wonder they forget my order or what lol. But i will say they have a supeerrr delicious desserts!! i thought it will be so-so but it’s actually really nice! not pricey, the place is comfy and they decorate well, the taste is superb. Will make sure to come back. This small bakery shop is located near ‘The Pond’ restaurant and massage (between taco casa and the pond). And because my cousin is quiet something, they message aunty and tell her they want noodle or else (we thought it was my uncle who want to eat tho) so i ended up searching for the noodle first and then will the last power that i have find a taxi to go back (seems pretty tired huh?) ^^

DAY 5 !!

With the power from the universe lol, getting upset in the morning because of.. nothing. Just nothing.. i feel like to get upset in that day and now still wonder why. So i decide to go down and get breakfast (the real breakfast is when i happy alone with my food) *so individualism*.

Because of the place is really nice and i’m in my mood to take picture, so i take so much picture this day Hahaha my favorite picture of this day is…


I really like my outfit for the morning , but for some reason i change my outfits for going out. I think i’m not gonna go to mall or somewhere else that need me to wear nice outfits lol. After fast changing (without looking my outfits nice or not) hurriedly go to Water Blow in Nusa Dua before the water turn to calm. You need to walk from the security office to the water blow. But the security was really nice and take us with a caddy. Because our group is 7 adults with 2 children, my aunty also uncle and i decide to take a walk instead get on the caddy. Of course the grandparents first, then children with the moms. So the three of us walking slowly and of course.. Taking pictures! a lot of pictures ^^

I’m thankful enough because of not taking the caddy i can enjoy my time and get so many pictures LOL


The Grand Bali Beach Club was looks fantastic, right? The place also really lovely. After i shown this place to all my friends, all of them who go to Bali decide to go here and also don’t forget the water blow. They really like the scenery here, me also! But unfortunately i can’t stay long in this place because of the busy schedule. In shock the caddy was going back to pick the three of us, because the weather is really hot that day (too hot to make me feel it’s true #forgetthis). THE WATER BLOW IS BLOWN FROM MY EYES! The water is too calm that day, there’s no waves.. no blow.. nothing. Just a wide area with a dry coral.

The next place! all of you must be really excited about this place, this is the second time i go to this place and it’s really nice but yeah.. because the place is still not done yet, there’s not so many people that day. But it means like you own the place LOL.

The place is intagram-able and fits with pre-wedding photo shoot. But the price for doing a photoshoot is so expensive tho, but for going and just taking pictures (don’t forget to take a lot! or not you just waste your money). Look at my cousin face! they are so lovely right? they just get too much energy while i’m tired enough with lives lol.

This place got so many show that you can see, don’t forget to check the schedule! The one that i see with my group is Kecak Dance it’s a traditional dance from Indonesia, but honestly I’m already forgot from which area that dance (further information, check google) ^^ it takes 20-30 minutes for the show.

It’s 7 p.m. and the kids still want to go play at any mall. Because everyone get tired from the kids whining to go play, we go to mall! I’m taking a walk by myself and sometimes checking that everyone fine.I decide to go to supermarket inside the mall and checking around things that i interest to buy, and ended up buying so much lol. It’s taking so much energy to choose and seeing things you know (for boys who might be doesn’t know Hahaha) So i’m bought a take-away chinese food for myself! I’m often greedy for food, so i’m actually dislike other people touch my food without my permission Hahaha.

CHAN CHAN CHANN! a new tragedy happen after we arrive at our resort. While i want to watching my korean drama before go to bed, aunty said that she’s already  exchange her Singapore dollar to Rupiah near the mall because the rates is really nice, so she decide to go with one of my cousin to exchange (while i’m not around, maybe while i’m still on the supermarket)(she used to always exchange her money with me, because i’m a local). But now after she counting her money, the amount is not exactly the same as the time she counted on the place where she exchange. She’s not buying anything after that time, so how that money gone? For a tourist please make sure that all of you choose the place where it will give you a check for exchange your money. Don’t just because you see they give a good rates, then you exchange your money on that place. Also bringing local people like a guide to help you exchange is really helpful. So that night turn to be a long night because my aunty keep repeating the story while trying to make all of us go to that place again tomorrow but.. tomorrow is my day off, i won’t change my day off just because that incident. That’s also happen because she’s not wait for me and trust people easily #nooffense. But it’s the true, why i need to get into something troublesome while it’s not even my problem.. Because she do so many good things to me? yeah, she did. But this matter is different, even her family doesn’t want to help, and you know dealing with bad people just make you get into another trouble. I also doesn’t like meeting with a people who bring the bad of you. Skip that.. it’s already takes too long for this post Hahahaha.. thank you for reading this much!

Don’t waste your time with explaination, people only hear what they want to hear.



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