Trip to Bali Day 3

Off to Bedugul! first, i actually don’t know what place is that. Later i found that it was another temple. You can see this temple on the currency IDR 50k (the blue one!). I can’t imagine how tired to drive there.. i’m start from Ubud but still it takes 2 or 3 hours i think. When you start from Kuta or Seminyak or Sanur? i don’t even want to imagine how tired it was. But, unfortunately it was rained so hard that day (consider this a bad luck). People seems to still enjoyed it there by rent an umbrella or rain coat for IDR 15k/each (local price). This place is actually really good for taking pictures so everyone is try to get the best picture as they can without an umbrella or raincoat (seems really wet *oops*). The bad news is i’m used to easily annoyed and sensitive when it’s rain (there you go! all of you on the way to know more about me lol). 

After the ‘bath from nature’ i’m about physically down and i rather go back to the resort and have a warm soup but i know i can’t ruin a day just because a rain. I repeat again.. rain. so! go to another temple…like for goodness sake of heavenly father i will promise to pray all the time and find a peace inside me (or consider to be a monk, because being a pastor will not make me find a real peace. as far as i know).

The name of this place is Tanah Lot. This place is really crowded so i bet everyone that have go to Bali, must be already going here. I decide to go by myself (because it was drizzle that time) to avoid being feel annoyed by anyone yeah, i decide to do the ‘me time’.

Tanah Lot

I’m bought a tank top for IDR 30k(bargain) and a hat because of the drizzle for the same price. Hahaha i think i’m used to bargain so much even when i’m local or being a tourist.

the hat that i bought. wait for the next2 day for the info of the place on the pic.

Then after that, i start walking again and find there’s so much Buttered Roasted Corn on the street and so much tattoo shop. Without thinking twice i get both. Buy the B.R.Corn and get a temporary tattoo. I can’t remember the price of the corn.

temporary tattoo IDR 35k

After taking a walk, seeing the temple and unintentionally meet with indian couple from Kintamani (see my post on Kintamani HERE). I decide to get something yummy for ‘healing myself’ (?) . I will tell you about this place HERE. Because it’s on the main road, i try my best to see if my group already passed or not, but after 2 hours i don’t see them so i keep sitting and hear more music. Because i think it will takes so long, i decide to go back to the entrance for just make sure. THEY ARE ALREADY THERE.. waiting for 1 hour they said. That time i really don’t care (ehm.. until now i..think). I can order Uber or Gojek/Gocar or GrabTaxi etc. for going back. I’m not 10 years kid who needs ‘company’ on everything. Remember..! i have said this over and over that i am a busy independent woman ^^

After they waiting for a long time, they does really hungry tho LMAO. I’m eating already Hahahaha. They decide to go to a seafood/ Chinese food. I don’t really want to eat but they all insisted for me to eat a lil bit to taste the food there. So yeah, eating again! 

Actually i still want to tell more about my thought on this day but now i’m in a good mood even though i was sick apparently (the reason why i’m not update/post for eight days). But still, no evil thought when i’m in good mood Hahaha.. See you on the next post!



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