Travel to Bali day 2

I can’t really remember this day, because i think this day is one of the worst day. Yeah, my trip to Bali this time is for 10 days. And i just got 1 beautiful and fantastic day out of 10 days. But it’s not today.. still got a long long time before i tell you about that day ^^

Start this day with heavy mind, i’m actually so stress since the Travel to Jogjakarta Day 1. Oh no, before that day.. i think. But i’m just realize that, now. On Surabaya, they won’t rent a car with driver by saying i got a city car and i can drive so they no need to rent to save more,etc. But as you can see, i’m a girl even though i’m young.. i’m getting tired and stress easily. And now they want me to drive and then go shopping while they ask this and that.. so tired. Every man / friends and even my brother will say that ‘it-was-a-torture’. While i’m writing this.. i still can feel the burden on that day. All this trip start on 23/24 November 2016. But i need to forget all the bad things before i write so it takes a long time for me to write this. BUT I STILL REMEMBER THE FEELINGS.

Back to Bali! First place to go is ‘Pura Mandi’ local people takes us there (today without my uncle and my cousins. they tired. how about me? more tired then them). Of course, i think we just go to Kintamani so i want to come, but NAH!NAH! go here first.. then this place.. then that place.. going on trip with them all is so frustrating. I like to go to 1-2 places on one day not every places on the area on one day. Also all of them doesn’t know what time to eat. I loved food so much, too much ^^ But it feels like while i’m with them.. they let me starve to death.

I told my dad about my whining and all.. and he want me to go back home and just waste money in Surabaya (go to mall, shopping or eat something nice he said) instead feel miserable there. He’s getting ready to buy my plane ticket to go back home, but i’m thinking about my mom. She can’t go back by herself. That’s how FUN my trip is.


That’s the only picture that i think was nice to show all of you. It’s sad right? just get one picture while going to many places. I’m working hard for this blog all ^^ working so hard.

Skip all the wasted energy on the evening.. Dinner time! Pick my uncle and my cousins from the resort and go to Bebek Tepi Sawah, Ubud, Bali. My aunt insisted to eat the ‘Crispy Duck’ on that place because the one in Ubud is the the first Bebek Tepi Sawah(BTS). Then another chaos while dinner. Seriously there’s nothing works for me on this trip. ALL RUINED! ALL! like the hell was going on?! Start from order our food, i liked to share the crispy ducks with my mom because the portion is too big. But all of them just order 2 portion. How 2 portion is enough for 7 adults and 2 kids? *more insane things* i’m still amaze by how they think. Even when i go to BTS with my family (my family member is 4) and my dad will order 4 portion. So that night i order Fish for-my-own.

The disaster begins. Because it’s a night time, the-animals-paddy (like flies who lived in the rice field) all comes out! it’s follow the lights and the candle or just randomly flies to our face. How can i eat while there’s so much flies? *big flies* it even goes into our drinks. I’m asking the waitress how they can handle the situation, but sadly she said there’s nothing she can do. So!! because i’m a clever girl and also an independent woman *also a busy one. LOL* i’m moving by myself to the table that far from the rice fields to avoid the flies also farrrrr away from my family. And then i find my own peace. The table that i find is really nice! they let me watch anything that i liked or hear some traditional music while eating. Nice! Finally i can feel  A L I V E . *insert smiley face*.

That’s how i find my little own happiness on the second day. I’m proud that i can hold myself to not burst in anger or something. That’s how i notice that i start to become a fake human. This is not become more mature. Maybe all human will called it mature, but i call it fake. I’m turning to a trashy person because all people around me like that. 

OH! i almost forgot, all the family doesn’t get a good times with the crispy duck.. they all said that the duck is not crispy at all and it got no flavor. HAHAHAHA I order the fish, and it was freakin nice! WOHOOO! I know that God is loves me so much, so he gives me a little more happiness and guide me through the hard days. XD XD XD

Note : maybe all of you can try BTS in Kuta area instead the one in Ubud. My mom said it’s the worse that she ever eat, and it’s different than the usual crispy duck that we usually order (the name of the place is the same.. but it’s so different).



La femme captivante


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