Travel to Bali Day 1

In the morning, pick up my grand parents at the airport (so much member for this trip tho). While the rest of the family waiting, i go to Starbucks (as always for morning routine *COFFEE!*) and then go to Burger King and get something to eat. My morning is goes well tho, i’m quiet surprise myself, because actually i hate travelling with so many people and prefer to go everywhere by myself. It’s more easy to decide where to go also i don’t need to go to places that i don’t interested. But wait. it’s not gonna be worse right? i mean the rest of my trip? 

Starbucks red cup on Burger King place. lol.

After my beauty morning routine, ‘the-whole-family’ decide to go to our resort. And to make it complete as a family, of course ‘DRAMA’. The room is not enough for all the member because we booked 2 rooms while we got 7 adults and 2 kids. Of course 2 rooms is not enough right? and what amaze me more is they think it can! *MIND BLOWING*. To make it under control i try not to burst on laughter and keep my straight face and calm as much as i can and call my navigator. Wait, did i write navigator? Oh yeah. 

So i’m a member of Karma Group which is have an amazing resort (they have one of the best resort with private beach in Bali). And always trust them as a great place to stay during my vacation. FYI, they have resorts in many countries, not just in Bali. And the one who helps me to search and booked is my navigator. 

I’m getting worried about not to have a room available, like the hell is going on?! Who crazy enough to booked a room randomly like this? But, praise the Lord! my navigator with cheerful voices tell me that i can booked one room again and also get a discount as a member. How good is that? The rate is actually USD 299/ night. But, they give me a good deals! USD 299 for a week! Wohoooo!! So that’s how i’m handle things LOL.

Karma Mayura Ubud,Bali.

It’s not ended yet. Still need to think about dinner. But i refuse to go outside after the tiring things and all. And when you on vacation, room service is a must try! but not for tonight. I’m go down and eat at their restaurant. Want to know what happen? Kids. They talk too loud and run everywhere like that place is their house. You know what i get? SHAME. I never scream or talk with high pitch of note when i was a kid (i remember that and my mom also said that i always behave myself in public). But, seriously my cousins.. why they not study about manners in public? Of course i can’t get mad of them because my aunt was there and she’s like ‘let them’ while i.. my self, is really annoyed by the loud voice and scream things (i hate children)(don’t judge me). I hate to go out with them it’s like i get a trauma while i’m with them. I WANT TO TRAVEL BY MYSELF LIKE PLEASE LET ME.

The last thing.. we order dinner, they start to critics the food while i’m getting more more and more annoyed, WHY THEY CAN’T JUST EAT IN PEACE? Be grateful that you still can eat while there’s so many people trying so hard to get something to eat. So the kids start to disappear because they don’t like the food. And i’m fighting to eat everything (they just eat 10% of what they order, so you know.. it’s still so much left) also with my aunt help. When she’s not helping i will just let the food there, because i can’t bring it up to the room and force the kids to eat right? So that’s how my days turn from the beautiful morning to the tired evening and annoying night. 

note : i still want my day back, they must know for what they did to my day. they ruined it like every single freakin days! i’m not going on vacation anymore with big family. this holiday is the first and the last time. 

learn from experience. because those who fall into the same hole is a fool



La femme captivante


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