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Fresh and Clean Skin & Drawing Eye Brow

When you want a clean and flawless skin, you need to pay more attention with the cleansing product that you use, in my case i need to make sure that i bought the right one because of my pimples. I’m using from the face shop before ( the one that special for pimple care ), but when i go shopping by my own.. i found this ’10 in 1′ foam cleanser from Etude House. The first time i try this, i can feel the freshness and for 2-3 time after used this i can see that my pores smaller ^^ 

I don’t know this product is for acne skin or not but after i used this i can tell that this product really help a lot reduce the amount of my pimple and my acne scars. 



This drawing eyebrow is really nice! it’s also have unique shapes (triangle) while the common eyebrow pencil is just exactly like a normal pencil, this one… Nailed it! On the another side they have a brush that almost like a mascara brush. To make it short, I love it.

I’m actually curious about why there’s so much online cosmetic shop on Instagram can sell various brand with low price and sometimes the price is insane more than a half of the actual price or they give 10%-20% discount. Of course i can’t believe them. I don’t want to buy fake products that later will harm my skin / face. So make sure to buy cosmetics and skin care on the right place don’t be tempted with low price.

I’m also bought the hair color but i’m not used it yet so i will tell all of you later after i used it. The price of the products up there you can check on HERE (because i forgot the price). I bought this on their official store at Jogjakarta (see my post about my travel to Jogja HERE). I think i spend quiet much for that day just on one store, i spend about more than IDR 500k and got a member card. Be you and stay beautiful!



La femme captivante



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