Vaseline or Bath & Body Works?



(From left to right) :
♡ Vaseline 100% pure petroleum jelly ORIGINAL (protect minor cuts&burns)
♡ Bath & body works Signature collection Twilight Woods ,88ml

To be honest i prefer to buy foreign brands rather than local brands & product (except food). It’s not because it’s fancy or something but my skin is more suitable with foreign brands. 


1. Vaseline petroleum jelly original
This vaseline from USA is soooo famous in Indonesia already.Start from their product for skin that has a variety of uses in one product and also their lip balm.

Although this one is on bigger size (+200ml) but the price is not crazy.. it’s around IDR 60k-80k. I’m using this for more than a year and now i’m using my second vaseline already ^^ 

2. Bath & body works Signature Collection (Travel size 88ml)

The first time i got to know this product is from my uncle who lives in Toronto,Canada. He comes and bought me so much product of BBW and i fell in love since then. I used to love this fragrance since i’m in middle school which is already 8 years and now i’m try using a difference fragrance. It’s really hard to find this product 8 years ago, i will said that i can’t find this anywhere even in Jakarta,Indonesia. So, when i done with mine, i will ask my uncle to bought me again from there and send it with DHL. Also i’ve done try bought this from EBAY and ended up scolded by my dad. The price for this one is +- IDR 80k.

So, when everyone ask me what i prefer to use.. i will tell them to buy both of this. Why? When you go traveling you can use the BBW, when you at home you can use the vaseline. or you can use this two anytime and anywhere that you like. 

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