what concern me the most for 2017

Wooo! me personally already wanted to post something randomly on this blog and post it.

And what concern me really badly now is my studies. When you want to know what happen with my studies you can see it HERE in About Jess . To make it short, i have a dream and my own expectation about my studies and where i want to study. And why i called it dream? that’s because until now i can’t make it happen yet and i’m still fight for it tho. I have apply schoolarship to more than 5 universities in different countries and i got accepted in Germany (the first time i got), Malaysia and Taiwan if i’m not wrong and i can’t remember the rest.. because i reject all of the offer that’s why i’m not really can recall that time. But i’m apply to another universities (without schoolarship) is more then 10. Some is accepted but some is rejected. The reason why i’m not taking it while i’m already accepted is because of the tuition fee is already so high and also i need to consider about dorm and living cost. 

My parents make me go into one of the university that-not-really-near-our-house. Because it’s classified as ‘one if the best university in the city’, everybody said, that university is nice and *blahblahblah* but while i’m going into the classes .. THAT’S NOT WHAT I EXPECTED FOR MY UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCE. I cannot lie that THAT university is really underrrrrr moreeee deeperrrr lowest than what i really wanted for the place that i want to go for study. To make it simple.. //i hate it.// WOOOOO!*killin it baby!*

I’m gonna laugh while reading this post again , maybe when i’m successfully attend the university that i want? i’m looking forward to it.



La femme captivante


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