1st make up review

This post was in my past blog, all of you can find this HERE my past blog , but i will edited some part. 

Bounce Up Pact Ver.88 > Newest of powder pact’s innovation which provide jelly texture which is flexible. Efficiency of cover up such as dark spot, blemish, fleckle, acne scar, and also dark circle.This product is waterproof and endue stay over 18 hours…And also this product can be protected UVA & UVB which could cause damage skin. (this is what was written on the box of this product).

Bounce up pact ver.88

I loved Thailand and Korea beauty products! 

Thailand beauty products always focus on WHITENING , PROTECTING SKIN and COVERING. While Korea beauty products always focus on NATURAL , CHIC and COVERING. They have something in common that is covering. Why korean not focus on protecting? what i mean is their weather is not as hot as Thai also Indo, that’s why i said they not really focus on protecting with UVA,UVB,SPF50/PA++,etc.

When i said Thai product focus on Whitening, i really mean it. This product gonna make your skin as pale as you can imagine! it’s similiar to becoming a vampire. But you will as shock as i am when you try it yourself. With red lipstick , a little pink blush on the edge of your cheek .. there you go! a new member of Cullen’s Family.

The texture of this products is like a jelly but not that jelly. And this product is WATERPROOF. now you can go swimming, snorkeling and diving with make up on WOOOO! And as you can see, in the box of this product it’s written SPF 50/ PA+++ which is really fit with you who lived in tropical country.

But with the ‘Whitening’ effect on this product, i will not recommend this for you who have dark or brown skin . And when you want to buy this product you must make sure that your product have an official number that you can track (for you make sure that the product it’s fake or not) And this track code is for INDONESIA AREA ONLY.

Price : IDR. 180k-200k . The price is quiet pricey and yet the covering it’s not the best that i have try. But it’s still worth to try for me.

Think twice before you buy girls!

Let your beauty shine through you F L A W S -Jessika Natalia Tamara



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