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a rest day before on trip again

For 2016 end year travelling , it’s start from here Travel to Jogjakarta Day 1 to Travel to Jogjakarta Day 3 then take a day off and then go to Travel to Malang & around.  So this post is about another day off before go to the next city. Hope you enjoy it, and let’s start!

I’m so excited about a day off, because i find it really rare to get my own quality time and also to get some rest or do something i really wanted while i spend my holiday with my aunt family. Yeah, you know cousins.. and they are still a child so it’s really tiring to give responses and even when you get enough of it you can’t make them know about it. Typical of being too nice and fake is always what people like and called.. manners. 

I spend the morning by watching korean drama (leave a comment if you like it too ^^ ), then in the afternoon i wait for my friend to finished her class and get back home. After that we go to Supermall on the West part of Surabaya. for get some snack, menicure pedicure and massage, then going around in the new part of the mall and then get an ‘all-you-can-eat’ for dinner  . YEAH! that’s the schedule for today.

Snacks! Got a cream puff for IDR 11k/each and portuguese egg tart for IDR 10k/each. We not eat the snacks while we walk, but we eat the snacks while we do the ‘care-treatment’ SO NICE! For whole body massage is IDR 123k and i forgot about the Menicure Pedicure price. Also we found a new secret place to do the treatment because it’s so cheap yet still so nice there. so happy to find it and will come back again   .

The new part of the mall is so big and will be filled with the famous brand there. i can’t wait for this part to be officially open. And i’m waiting for H&M (one of my favorite brand finally here officially) to open. 

DINNER TIME! This is the best part of this day.. the climax! All-you-can-eat BEEF, CHICKEN, SEAFOOD, SUSHI,etc. And it just cost IDR 135k/person ,for surabaya people must be already know this one famous place, Cocari! because they always refill the beef. Always eating like crazy when i eat here tho Hahaha ^^ The best part of having a friend to eat is other people will not stare at you and think you’re a weirdo, but sometimes go out by yourself and eat by yourself is also nice. Give a try! 

Wait for my next travel post! When you follow me on my instagram you will be already know where i go next. See yaaa and Thank God It’s FRIDAY! 



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