Valentine’s Day at Sinapi

This post is actually written on 18 Feb 2016 and i posted this on my past blog. This one have so much memories that i don’t want to forget, so i will post it back here but of course with some editing ^^

First, it’s not difficult to find this restaurant because it’s located on the main road. Second, the restaurant atmosphere is really comfortable ( lighting and decoration ). Third, the price for all menus really affordable (not pricey).

(Left Pic) Fish n Chips. IDR 55k.

My senior booked this and i’m not try this one because i think i’m not in mood to eat fish on that day, but she told me that the portions are too small and the taste is so-so , so they do not recommend this one.

(Right Pic) Vietnam spring rolls. IDR 25k.

This one looks very beautiful because it is wrapped with vegetables ,and the filling is similar with the usual spring rolls . A bit difficult to eat , but considering the cheap price, this could be an appetizer that is worth a try.

(Left Pic) Fettuccini Carbonoara. IDR 45k.

Very tasty! I love when my pasta was cooked al dente and had a creamy texture . But my shrimp were not cleaned properly as there are droppings. I wish the chef would consider to check all of the components on a plate before serving.

Mushroom Soup. IDR 20k.

When i try the first time, the taste really odd but for the second time, it’s actually taste really good! I do love eat appetizer first before i eat my pasta, but my friend need to take a picture of my mushroom soup so it’s really sad to eat when this already cold -____-

Pinaplle, apple, orange mix juice. IDR 30k.

Totally like this! sour and sweet taste is refreshing.But this juice only 250 ml.

(Right Pic) Spaghetti Bolognaise. IDR 40k.

The platting is quite nice but it doesn’t make me want to try this . But, pasta still a pasta..


Grilled BBQ Chicken. IDR 55k.

WOW! when I first saw them serve this on my table , I was very surprised because it looks very tasty ,the portion quiet big and  not pricey (compared with Fish and Chips) . Worth a try ! Note : they took a long time to cook this.


Food          : 20k-65k

Beverage : 30k-40k

Wifi           : Available (but slow)

I’m really like to come back to this place again. Their service really great! (Service tax 5%, and goverment tax 10%). Waiter & Waitress really friendly and quick with their job.That’s the end of this post, I’ll see you in my next post ^^

Pic with my Seniors ^^ i’m in the middle wearing my jeans.



La femme captivante


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