Travel to Malang & around


Bromo Mountain! searching the perfect place to see the sunrise. Start at 2 a.m. to the peak with hardtop. Bromo had 2 spot/place where you can see the sunrise, the first place is easy to reach just need to hike on paved road for 5 minutes (the picture is the first path). While the other one is the challenging one. Sandy road, dangerous path, dark (No lights at all. If you choose this one, you need to bring flashlight). Actually i can’t finish this path to the peak, hike about more than 30 minutes and it still half of the way (my dad’s friend tell me this *he’s a veteran lol*). You know i’m kind of girl who doesn’t do exercise and of course my leg gave up HAHAHA ^^ But to reach this 2 place you still need to rent a driver with the hardtop(Jeep).


I got a picture here(pic above) but it turns out that i looks like a fashion terorist LMAO. Please don’t swear at me, because actually i have a clothes for go to mountain but i’m too lazy to change so here i go to the mountain without wearing the appropriate clothes HAHAHA ^^ .


The shape of the mountain looks like a heart isn’t it? This place is near the teletubbies hill. i got my Hardtop driver to stop in the middle of the way to take a selfie. and some random picture that turns out it’s a pretty shape of a mountain ^^

I Love Nature #jesslovenature

I rent the Hard Top to go to 4 place for IDR 550k. And i choose the first place to see the sunrise because the local people said because of the weather, choose the first one is a lot nicer and better.

Bromo is not the first place i go. The first place is the Kawi Mountain to get something that i also doesn’t understand until now (yeah, seriously i don’t know my family why they want to get a blessing or some fortune telling at temple/pagoda) and the fact is i’m trying the fortune telling HAHAHAHA.. it turns out everything is NICE (all of you need to see my smiley face LMAO)


I will stop the story here, thank you for reading and don’t forget to join the squad by subscribe my blog! 



La femme captivante


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