Travel to Jogjakarta Day 3


Borobudur have been one of seven wonder of the world, but it seems like everyone still want to go to this place even tho it’s not on the list again. Like me who doesn’t really like to go to temple i still want to go (ehm, because i have a family that need to go here, so i need to come also LOL). But still, this place is nice just they won’t allow you to bring food inside and i’m starving like hell while taking a step in every stairs.


Nice? yeah. Similiar with the one that Cambodia have. Here they have a stupa (if i’m not wrong) on the east side that you can touch and it will bring luck or something. But now they closed it. BOOM! So why i need to go that high when i just can take  beautiful yet so-so picture? LMAO.

Guess where i go next? Yeah the famous Chicken Church at the somewhere hill that so far to reach and the small road > <



The view is really nice and also not so many people come here, so i enjoy coming here. To get here you will hike the hill about 300-400 meters up with so many stairs (it’s almost hard to take a step because the degree of the slope is makes everyone who want to hike like going down instead going up LOL).


Here are my Trip to Yogyakarta ^^ actually still have a lot of place that i want to go but i just have 3 days 2 night for going to Jogja. 

Thank you for all of you who read this Trip until the end ❤ Comment and Join the Squad by subscribe to my blog and don’t missed any new post. Wait for my next post about trip to East of Java. Have a good day ^^



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