Travel to Jogjakarta Day 2

Start this day by walking at Malioboro St. and looking around the area. Also bargain so much for my auntie because she can’t speak malay (Singaporean always say that we speak malay, not indo tho) but i don’t mind. I’m an easy-going type of person. Oops! that’s a joke LOL.

Go around ‘Keraton Jogja’ by ‘BENTOR aka BECAK MOTOR’.Cost IDR 30.000 / SGP 3.00 and they took you to 4 place in total . Pay a guide when you want to know all the history inside The Keraton, they will explain everything! even the pillar. I’m not gonna share any pictures of The Keraton and explain all the history here, because this is not NatGeo or something, LOL.



Next place is ‘i-dunno-because-forget’ (last edition, now i remember.. it’s called Taman Sari). This place is a must with guide, you don’t know the rute in this place i bet. SO CONFUSING AS … Forget it. Just remember to hire a guide. The history? SO LONG AS PHYTON THO. No need to take so much picture for all the traveler. It’s not because this place is bad, sucks or else. But this place is quiet long, for me that want to get a short vacation and not a history addict kind or something.. so tired.




After going all the historical place, now it’s a time for Coffee, but guess what? i hate ‘KAKI LIMA’ so i need to go to mall. Sorry, but i have my own preference when it’s about my Coffee. Guess where? Yeah, STARBUCKS ❤ Go to Ambarukmo Mall and i find the starbucks is so crowded and got no place to sit, so i decide to go up and try to find something to eat… I just can find Chicken Katsu LOL.

After eat, i’m looking around the mall and ended up bought so many things in Etude House (Wait for my post about this one ^^) even i got the member card HAHAHAHA. FYI, it’s a Korean Cosmetic Store. Then, Got a phone call from my mother that all the family is waiting for me in X.O. Suki & Cuisine, so i got to eat again after wasting my energy to think about cosmetics LMAO. I’m a big eater.. don’t know why i got such a good appetite XD . And then the following hour is searching a hotel nearby ‘Candi Borobudur’.


Thank you all for reading this one until the end ❤ Give a comment about anything and i will answer it as best as i can ^^



La femme captivante


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