Travel to Jogjakarta Day 1

Actually that’s nothing much for this day because I spend my time on the road. I was planning to leave in 5 a.m. but the driver doesn’t show up and I ended up searching for another driver. So I leaving in 10.30 a.m. with my mom and my aunt family. It takes 11 hours from Sidoarjo to Malioboro street in Yogyakarta, that’s because I need to stop a couple of times to eat, buy snacks and also buy a gasoline.And… because i’m not reserved a hotel before I coming here, I can’t get a nice hotel to stay *that’s too bad* so all of you who want to get nice hotel / nice room, you need reserved first before coming. We stay in the small hotel near Malioboro street (maybe around 200 m). It might looks old but it’s comfy actually.. also not pricey ^^ (that’s how holiday is, get the cheap hotel and go out all day. You just need to sleep in the night and get to another hotel to sleep for the next nights).

But it’s not the end for this day, we still need to get something to eat, right? So we go to the Malioboro Plaza to buy McDonald’s for my cousins and then go to wijilan street to get ‘Nasi Gudeg’. We just can find ‘Nasi Gudeg Bu Lies’ , because that’s the nearest one. I forgot to take the picture so I think for this post there’s no photo *so sorry* but the price here soooooooooo cheap! It’s start from 8k rupiah to 30k rupiah (around SGD 1  to SGD 3.50). FYI, i used SGD because my aunt family comes from Singapore.

So that’s all for today, I will write more for the next post and also I will add some picture. Thank you all for reading this one, my first Travel Diary on the blog. Have a nice day ^^



La femme captivante


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