I know it’s really hard to changes all my work to another domain/blog. I’m personally already likes to post all my works on ‘’ but unfortunately it’s not last longer that i thought it would be hehehe ^^ So, i decided to working again on wordpress but not in my past blog but here with the same title as i used on wix. Just for information, my blog on wix already taken down so all the post there i will re-post here *YAAAYY!* i’m feeling better after write this tho.

Q  :  What happen with your past blog?

A  :  Actually nothing. Just get bored with it, don’t want to change the theme and i don’t know how to change the ‘’ thing. So lazy meh LOL.

Q  : So what will happen with that blog?

A  : I’m not decided yet. Transfer all the post here and delete the blog or just let that blog like that and continue my works here.

That’s all information that i can think of for now. Next post will be my Travel Stories,



La femme captivante


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